The Path Less Travelled Ain’t so Nice

I wrote this about six months ago but looking back it’s still so true, and was qutie the foreshadowing of the 6 months that were to come for me.
We begin the new year thinking about the path ahead. A fork in the road with new potential choices, perhaps.
There’s a dirty secret about the path less traveled.
It sucks.
People try to help you down it, but sometimes their help is imperfect and even counter-productive and in the end, they can’t do it for you.
There’s no shortcut to the finish, it’s straight through the nasty snake-infested swamps of fear, and the searing hot cobblestone of pain on your bare feet.
And there are no bonus points for trying when you crawl back to the fork in the path and go down the easy one again. You have to start over; perhaps older and wiser but learning again the fundamentals of facing fear and pain that you left behind long ago. Still no getting around that. Seasoning may help get you ready but it won’t get you through. It won’t change the opportunities you’ve missed. But it can help you seize this day, and this chance to finally complete the ritual and emerge forever changed.
Viewed in this light, a million trite sayings that you’ve dismissed time and time again as the mindset of simpletons become real.
Just because it’s easy to understand doesn’t make it invalid.
So muster all the courage you can, but know it doesn’t do jack until you actually go and accomplish that challenge, that pain that pushes you to your limits.
Go forth, your destiny lies ahead, it’s up to you to manifest it.

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